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New CEO Leadership as we enter LLM's 4th decade

Lower Lights Family,

We have some exciting news to share with you.

On March 22, the Lower Lights Ministries Board of Directors approved Emmalyn Jerome as the new CEO to lead Lower Lights Ministries. “She has a distinguished knowledge of the Lower Lights mission and is fully equipped with experience to lead the organization in the future. Emmalyn has a background and level of proficiency that makes her the ideal person to continue the Lower Lights' mission of transforming lives,” said LLM Board Chair Jim Hogan.

This leadership transition is unique in that Jan Ruark will stay on and serve as CEO Emeritus, with a primary focus on leading the efforts of the new Child Enrichment Center, development, and co-leading the Lower Lights Family Housing program. Emmalyn joined Lower Lights 10 years ago after leaving a career in the business world. She moved into Rachel’s House to serve as the ‘temporary’ house manager and director of volunteer services for four years. She was the Rachel’s House director for four years and then most recently served as Director of Operations. “Last year, we celebrated our 30th year of serving vulnerable individuals and families in central Ohio. I am excited to see how God will give us new eyes to see creative ways to faithfully live into our mission in this new decade,” -Emmalyn. At Lower Lights, we are a community built on hope as we have seen lives transformed and know that "the story is never over." As an organization, it is a joy to welcome new residents into our housing programs, celebrate victories like new jobs or family reunification, see kids who once struggled in school and are now on the honor roll and winning math awards. These kinds of things don't happen overnight and oftentimes come pretty messy and seemingly hopeless. It is our mission to continue telling the story of hope and seeing lives transformed. We are grateful that you are a part of it.

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