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Lower Lights Response to COVID-19

Dear Lower Lights Family,

With the many changes and difficulties we are all facing due to COVID-19, we want to continue to serve, comfort and encourage those living in uncertainty the best we can. We recognize this is a difficult time for many and our hearts and prayers are with you all.

We would like to keep our Lower Lights Family informed of our actions in response to the Coronavirus.

First, most of our staff are working from home. We are grateful that, because of good stewardship of your generous gifts, we can offer full pay and 2 weeks’ paid sick leave for all of our dedicated employees. We have closed several of our outreach ministries and The Salon, but continue to operate our 3 housing programs, with over 20 people currently housed.

Due to inevitable financial hardships for our residents, their monthly program fees have been waived until July 1 st . We will also be absorbing some extra utility costs. The relief, shock and joy we witnessed when residents heard this news will remain in our memories for a long time to come. Additionally, we are working to ensure that participants and their families will have food and all other basic needs met during this time. Programming will continue to the best of our ability, although many services will need to be modified or suspended for the time being.

In order to keep our Bright Lights Kids and staff safe, both our Franklinton and Hilltop locations will not be meeting at least for the next 3 weeks. Our staff is working on ways to support our children and families during this time including,

  • loaning out donated kindles with access to educational sites;

  • disbursing food and toiletries boxes;

  • compiling a resource list of city and state emergency measures.

Parents of our participating children also have staff cell phone numbers and are encouraged to call for practical or emotional support. 

As items are donated, we intend to disburse food, personal toiletries and cleaning  products to those in our neighborhood. Food will also be handed out at our Friday afternoon drug recovery drop-in center.

We are praying for God's provision and mercy for all of the people in our community. We are already seeing the fruit of these prayers as one of our participants just received a used minivan, fixed by a repair shop free of charge, expanding her ability to work whatever hours she is offered. His blessings flow freely!

Lower Lights Ministries has always put people and families first and this will continue to be our priority. We are filled with gratitude for your faithful giving and trust in us over the years. On this strong foundation, we are now able to stand during this crisis and serve with courage and grace. 

Hope is the starting line; the launching pad and the incubator where faith is formed. Faith is not what we believe, but Who we believe. We stay firmly rooted in faith during this difficult period and that gives us the strength to continue on in the face of adversity. Pray for us as we pray for you and your families.  
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