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Kids never stop learning even when they're not at school! How can we support positive learning?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

As the director of Bright Lights Kids, a mom, a “Grammie” and a life-long educator, (I got my degree in another century) I have always loved working with kids and creating fun ways to learn about how the created world works. From learning how to identify native wildflowers, to understanding how seasons change; from solving algebraic expressions, to reading classic children’s literature, my hope has always been to instill the love of learning & creative thinking. It’s what the Lord created us to do! (love, learn & create!)

There is no denying that children are designed for learning; a child’s learning cannot be stopped.

But what are they learning? And where? And from whom? Are they learning how to navigate a life without close relationships? Are they learning how to live only within the confines of their neighborhood and social status? Are they learning they are the problem?

Or… Are they learning that they were uniquely created with an immeasurable value? Are they learning that they are lovable and loved by God (and many others)? Are they learning that they live in a world with endless possibilities?

The answers to these questions are the reason behind everything we do with our young friends at Lower Lights Ministries. Asking these questions have also inspired us to start the ARC (Academic Readiness Camp) during the whole month of August. It has been documented that students typically lose up to 2 months of academic skills during the regular summer break. Think how much information has been lost during the pandemic!

The ARC is a camp designed to refresh and improve academic skills in a fun and energetic way. We will read, write & calculate our way through a series of hands-on learning activities designed to get those young minds excited to be learning again.

Then, as the school year begins, we will continue to offer support to our students (and any new friends who would like to join us!) through our “Bright Lights Kids” program. We will provide individual or small group tutoring sessions to build academic skills, while offering character building and social/emotional strategies to foster resilience and perseverance.

Love is the most powerful motivator on the planet... It is our goal for every single child to know they are deeply loved, and were uniquely created with immeasurable value - before, during and after the pandemic.

Mary Mugrage - Director of Bright Lights Kids

If you would like to invest in a child going to ARC - use this link below to donate and help give a Bright Lights Kid a positive future. Type 'Brights Lights Kids' in the form comment box so we know where to direct the funds.

Thank you!

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