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Lower Lights Ministries is a non-profit organization in Columbus, Ohio  - breaking cycles of poverty and addiction for youth, adults and ex-offenders.

Equipping individuals 
for financial stability



Connecting with others

to encourage and grow


to Poverty



Inviting all to belong

and be accepted



Empowering individuals

to strengthen others

Supportive housing

We believe in the power of authentic community -

creating a space where people can belong and feel accepted while gaining stability through safe housing.

Individualized mentoring

We believe in the power of transformative relationships - empowering people to overcome barriers and achieve personal goals through one-on-one relationship and practical services.

Behind the scenes Life-changing Relationships

Feeling the weight of these difficult times and wondering how you can help? This documentary explores this question and brings to the forefront the essential role that relationships play in impacting our lives today.

Kids never stop learning even when they're not at school!

But what are they learning? And where? And from whom? Are they learning how to live only within the confines of their neighborhood and social status? Are they learning they are the problem?

We have asked ourselves these questions. Mary - BLK director reflects on ways we can help them learn positively - even when they aren't at school.

Christine's Surprising Story During Quarantine

"I talked to someone at the gas station the other day I use to party with. He was in bad shape, but he was so amazed to see me sober. He kept saying over and over, “At least one of us made it out.” I told him we all could make it out, I encouraged him the best I could. Today,  I’m fascinated by the person I’ve become-I’ve decided I like her!"

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