Project AIM (Achieving Interdependence through Mentoring) empowers families seeking to break the cycle of poverty and achieve self-sufficiency through a holistic, culturally-relevant mentoring process that is relational, personalized and practical. Through Project AIM, participants have access to individualized services in the area of Finance, Employment, Education and Recovery. Additionally, participants receive life coaching, spiritual guidance, psychosocial education, general case management and other referrals. Services are provided by program staff and committed volunteer mentors who help participants overcome barriers, set goals and determine resources that promote self-sufficiency.


In both small classroom and individualized settings, Finance Educators teach Introduction to Stewardship, Understanding Banking, Understanding Credit, and Asset Management. Outside of class, participants are paired with personal Finance Mentors who assist participants in preparing a budget, credit repair, obtaining checking/savings accounts, addressing any criminal restitution/unpaid child support, as well as establishing long-term financial goals.


Through engaging in our employment programming, participants increase training and experience in marketable job skills; obtain jobs of increasing quality in terms of wages, benefits and stability; show an increasing length of employment retention; and develop income that provides for family’s needs and some wants.

Employment help for our participants begins with an initial interview by the program director to assess initial needs, employment history and skills of the participant. Based on those results, the participant has access to individualized services through One-on-One Job Coaching including:

• resume creation
• assistance with on-line and in-person job searching
• practice interviews
• periodic transportation to interviews and application follow up
• career retention support (available for those seeking longer-term careers)

Adult Education

For many in our Education program, the goal is to further their education for self-improvement and/or employment opportunities. Some adults have not completed high school and need a GED, yet do not have the skills for GED classes offered in the community. Our program offers individualized academic assistance ranging from general literacy skills to pre-GED skills to assist in navigating post-secondary educational opportunities and training. The limited access to technology and the growing technology gap in our community can become a barrier for our participants and neighbors who are seeking to apply for jobs or obtain a GED. In 2016 we began Pre-Computer Literacy classes address the needs both in our community and among our participants.


In the area of Recovery, program participants receive support to help maintain sobriety from their addictions, increase understanding of the causes and effects of addictive behaviors, and increase their positive recovery support network. Project AIM provides the following services:

• Holistic Recovery Education (one-on-one and group settings)
• Recovery Assessments
• Treatment and Relapse Prevention Plans
• Referral and connection to outside recovery groups