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Academic Mentoring

Academic Mentoring is our Thursday night individualized program for kids ages 6-16. It supports family strength by empowering students to grow in academic skills and knowledge, for the promotion of life-long learning and success, while equipping parents to create a good home-learning environment.

Personal Mentoring

The child (ages 6–16) and his or her Personal Mentor meet one-on-one at Lower Lights Ministries on Thursday evenings for one hour each week during the school year. Together they work hard on setting and achieving goals—and have lots of fun on "free nights" or special guest nights. Mentors don't replace parents, teachers, or counselors, but they do provide critical friendship, encouragement, and support to Franklinton kids.

Kids Meal

A free dinner provided after Tutoring and before Mentoring. We invite all students to eat dinner with their families and mentors—family style!


Bright Lights Summer Day Camp

Bright Lights Day Camp is a 5-week summer camp that provides a safe, positive and exciting environment for at-risk Franklinton elementary-age kids during weekdays. Activities include recreation, fine art exploration, literacy and academics, nutrition and financial literacy. 


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Bright Lights Kids Current Funding Partners

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Siemer Family Foundation

The Reinberger Foundation

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The Marian Foundation