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Treatment & Addiction

Medications for Addiction Treatment

Dr Peter Moyer - Chief Medical Officer, Lower Lights Christian Health Center

Professionals who provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services work in a range of prevention, health care, and social service settings.  Learn why medications are often effective in treating addiction and become familiar with some new, as well as the standard medications currently being used. 

Addiction & The Commercial Sex Trade - lecture & panel

Hannah Estabrook (MA, LPCC-S) - CATCH Court Coordinator, Specialized Dockets, Franklin County Municipal Court

CATCH Court, a Specialized Docket in Franklin County, serves women coming out of the commercial sex industry. 100% of the women who enter the CATCH Court program are dealing with a substance use disorder; with a high majority of them identifying heroin as their drug of choice. This presentation will contribute to the conversation about victims of sex trafficking within the criminal justice system, particularly as it relates to the ongoing opiate epidemic. Going beyond the idea of “feeding her habit,” attendees will glean understanding about women involved in prostitution and drug addiction, and the connections therein.   

Addiction & the Sex trade - panel

A panel of 3-5 survivors of sex trafficking + Facilitator - Hannah Estabrook (MA, LPCC-S) - CATCH Court Coordinator

Participants will hear from survivors of the commercial sex industry about the role of addiction in their experience, and what was needed to exit successfully. 

Community and Boundaries: Building relationships within the Trauma Informed Care Setting

Mandi Pierson (LISW-S) - Clinical Social Worker, Mount Carmel Crime and Trauma Assistance Program

Therapeutic alliance, rapport, boundaries - terms we have all heard, but how do we create them? How do we foster relationships that have a positive and lasting impact on the treatment experience? Together we will take a closer look at the importance of the relationship between treatment providers and clients.  All of our encounters matter, so we will discuss how to set the stage for helpful connections from the first encounter we have with clients throughout their time in treatment, even in the face of setbacks. 

Recovery Capital and the Opioid Crisis

Bela Koe- Krompecher (LISW-S, LICDC) - Clinical Director, YMCA

The path to recovery is both challenging and stressful. Research shows that recovery capital (social supports, spirituality, religion, life meaning, and 12-step affiliation) enhances the ability to cope with stress and enhances life satisfaction. In this class, we will discuss how "recovery capital" provides communities with the tools that support individuals in recovery. 

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speaker bios

pmoyer head shot - Peter Moyer.jpg

Dr Peter


Chief Medical Officer, 
Lower Lights Christian Health Center

Dr. Moyer is the Chief Medical Officer at Lower Lights Christian Health Center. He is board certified in internal medicine and pediatrics and provides primary care to patients of all ages. His particular clinical interests include health equity and addiction medicine. Medication assisted treatment for addiction is a significant part of his primary care practice.


Hannah Estabrook

CATCH Court Coordinator, Specialized Dockets, Franklin County Municipal Court, CATCH Court

Hannah Estabrook, MA, LPCC-S has been working as a clinician in the mental health field for over a decade and is currently employed by the Franklin County Municipal Court as Coordinator of CATCH Court, a Specialized Docket that serves victims of prostitution and human trafficking. She is co-author of the book Beyond Desolate: Hope vs. Hate in the Rubble of Sexual Abuse.


Mandi pierson


Clinical Social Worker, Mount Carmel Crime and Trauma Assistance Program

For the last ten years, Mandi Pierson LISW-S has personally counseled hundreds of individuals suffering from addiction and trauma. She specializes in serving vulnerable populations that suffer from complex trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder with a focus on victims of human trafficking. Her decade of experience has led her to become one of Central Ohio's‚ leading experts on trauma; her  seasoned clinical perspective is regularly requested for presentations and expert counsel. 


Bela Koe-Krompecher


Clinical Director, YMCA

Bela Koe-Krompecher,, LISW-S, LICDC,  is the  Clinical Director of the YMCA of Columbus . For over five years he has also been a  Guest Lecturer at The Ohio State University where he teaches Master-level social work students, emphasizing Social Work policy on a Macro level.

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