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relationships & addiction

Challenges in Managing Emotional Collision

Nori Shoji-Schaffner (PHD, PC) - Counselor & Professor, Directions Counseling Group & Trevecca Nazarene University

Understand the causes of emotionally driven conflict associated with addiction-related relationships. Discuss the importance of building positive emotions through challenges.

Spiritual Care in the Recovery Process

Pastor Jan Ruark - CEO, Lower Lights Ministries

The implementation of spirituality or a higher power can be challenging not only for individuals entering their recovery journey but also those serving them. Learn the role of spiritual care in the treatment of substance use disorders. 

Conflict, Addiction and Transformation

Rebecca Brown (CE) - Grants Manager, Peace Catalyst International
Teddy Brown - Program Coordinator, Integrated Services for Behavioral Health

The group will be led through a new way of thinking about conflict. Everyone experiences tension with other people and it often ends badly. We will learn tools for how to handle conflict well, how addiction interacts with conflict dynamics, and how to move through conflict towards a positive end.

A Family’s Role in the Healthy Recovery Process

Emmalyn Jerome - Rachel's House Program Director & Family Housing Co-Director, Lower Lights Ministries

Loving a family member who is in recovery can be exhausting, heartbreaking, and frustrating at times. In this class, we will discuss practical perspectives on how to support a loved one in recovery, healthy boundaries, and what self-care looks like for family members. 

My Message to Families - Panel

A panel of 3-5 individuals recovering from substance use disorders + Facilitator - Emmalyn Jerome, Lower Lights Ministries

In this class, we will have a panel discussion with those who are in drug recovery and their message to families. We will focus on their journey and what is helpful and not helpful behavior patterns in the family dynamic.

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speaker bios

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nori shoji-schaffner


Professional Counselor, Directions Counseling Group & Professor, Trevecca Nazarene University

Nori received her Masters degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary and her doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Her past experience in mental health involved working at Alpha Psychiatric Services, where she provided counseling services to psychiatric patients who were diagnosed with personality disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other major mental health issues.


rebecca, CE
Teddy Brown

Grants Coordinator, Peace Catalyst International.

Program Coordinator, Integrated Services for Behavioral Health

Rebecca has worked with Peace Catalyst since 2012, launching grassroots Muslim-Christian peacemaking projects with a focus on storytelling. She graduated with a BA in Conflict Transformation and Middle East Studies. Teddy Brown has worked at Integrated Services since 2016 providing support to individuals who have used substances or have been involved in the criminal justice system. He currently coordinates the FUSE program and the Community Transition Housing Program.

Jan v2.jpg

pastor Jan Ruark


Lower Lights Ministries

Jan Ruark has served as the CEO of Lower Lights Ministries, a faith-based urban community development organization since 2011. Prior to becoming CEO, she spent seven years as the Director of Rachel's House, a Lower LIghts Ministries supportive housing program serving female ex-offenders directly following incarceration . Jan is actively involved in her Franklinton neighborhood working collaboratively with organizations to support individuals struggling with addiction.  She is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene and holds a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Asbury Seminary .  

Emmalyn copy.jpg

EmMalyn jerome


Rachel's House Program Director & Family Housing Co-Director, Lower Lights Ministries

Emmalyn Jerome, JD, Director of Rachel’s House – Emmalyn earned a BA in Political Science (Olivet Nazarene University) and a Juris Doctor degree from Capital University Law School. After spending 10 years working in corporate Human Resources at Fortune 500 companies, she came to Lower Lights Ministries in 2012 and became the live-in Resident Manager of Rachel’s House while serving as the Director of Engagement until being named Director of Rachel’s House in 2016. She also serves as co-director for Lower Lights Family Housing. She leads recovery based groups in two women's prisons and oversees the holistic programming for two of the Lower Lights housing programs.

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