Conference faq's


Who can attend the conference?

Anyone! If you are interested in coming - you can come! The conference is aimed at those people who have been impacted by drug addiction in any way or would like to learn more about ways to support and help those in recovery. 


Are CEU Credits available for all of the classes?

We have applied for CEU credits to be given for all those who attend certain classes. Not all of our classes are eligible. The relationship track will offer 3 credit hours. The housing track will offer 2 credit hours. The treatment track will offer 5 credit hours. 


Registration is asking for my degree and specialty - How do I register?

You do not have to enter in a degree, specialty or practice address to register. 

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Under 'degree' select the blank space at the top of the list.

Under 'specialty' select 'other'

Under 'Institution' type 'none'

Enter in your own address for 'practice address'

For any other questions contact Courtnee or Sarah at or call (614) 228 3855