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Mason's Story Will Put a Smile on your Face!😁

Over the last few weeks we have shared hope-filled stories with you from our Lower Lights Community. And I just skimmed the surface of the abundant stories we hear. As you are an essential part of every story, I wish I could share them all with you.

This story is from the heart of a child, 9-year-old Mason, who is in Bright Lights Kids (BLK), our program for at-risk youth in the Franklinton/Hilltop neighborhoods. The program encourages kids aged 7-17 to address barriers by setting and achieving personal goals. We love seeing the kids grow - not just in age and stature, but in their attitudes and character as well. 

Alex, BLK's staff member, offered to introduce Mason's story since he is a ball of energy, and getting him to sit still long enough to answer questions was a challenge!


When Mason joined the Lower Lights Bright Lights Kids program this year it came about a little differently than it has done for others. Sadly, at the time, there were too few mentors to have him join Thursday night mentoring. It broke our hearts to have him and some of his neighborhood friends miss out, so we opened the doors for them to come to a homework club on Tuesdays. Mason showed up faithfully every Tuesday. He got his homework done and he enjoyed doing crafts and reading books together. As soon as a space became available in the mentoring program, we invited him to join and he couldn’t have been more excited!

We asked Mason to tell us about what it's like being a Bright Lights Kid. "I have so much fun at Bright Lights Kids. I love getting all my homework done and if I turn my packet in at the end of the week I get an extra recess! They have a really big coloring map and I love coloring with Alex.

One of my favorite nights at Bright Lights Kids Alex read a story ("Oh the places you’ll go" by Dr. Seuss) to the whole group and then we did a project with hot air balloons. We were thinking about goals. I wrote down my goal to be a professional sports player! I’m really excited about Bright Lights Kids Day camp. I'm excited to go biking and hiking and for the science experiments - we are going to make things explode!"

The story wasn't complete until we heard from Mason's mom, Tabitha. "We’ve seen a big difference in Mason's school work but not just that, his whole attitude is better! He loves being there and he’s a lot happier too. You guys are great with him and I can tell you all care about him. It's so great that Mason likes getting his homework done now. He comes home and talks about the program all the time. He just really loves being there."


There are so many kids like Mason who would benefit from becoming a Bright Lights Kid. Would you help write their story? Today is the day! The Big Give begins June 10th at 10:00 am and runs through tomorrow, 11:00 am June 11th.

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During that 25-hour period, all donations given through the Columbus Foundation for Lower Lights Ministries will increase the percentage of the Big Give’s 1.5 Million Dollar Fund that we receive! Your donation is increased by these additional dollars and you help write stories of hope for others, just like Christine, Michelle and Mason.

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Thank you for being a part of the story!

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