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Lower Lights child enrichment Center

Planting seeds of justice for children & families!

Lower Lights Ministries has, for a long time, known the injustices of child care and had a dream to pursue a way to help these youngest and most vulnterable members of our community. The Child Enrichment Center is the biggest expansion in our 30 year history and in 2020 God opened the door to this opportunity and all we could do was say ‘yes’ and walk through it.

Here we should write what problems the CEC will solve in general. What is the overarching problem? What have we come to understand from working with our families and children for 20 years? What experiences have we had to discover that this is needed? Do we have any numbers or percentages for this section?

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who will be impacted?


Here we can write what services we will offer children and how it will impact them. Keep this as short as possible.


Here we can write what services we will offer families and how the CEC will impact them. Keep this as short as possible.


Here we can write about TEP and the resources and training offered to employeers and how it will impact them. Keep it short.

the building & budget

Here we can write about the building, the renovation project, the rendering/floorplan and amenities, the budget, where we are at with what we need financially.


This is just place holder text that will be filled in about the building and renovation.


Planting seeds of justice

Every child deserves the foundations to thrive in life.

Every family deserves access to quality and affordable childcare.

join us on this journey TO JUSTICE!




LLCEC is not just about affordable childcare, It’s about providing a chance at a better life. A chance at wholeness. It’s an opportunity to get a kid off of the street and offer these families safety, love, compassion, support, and most importantly a future that they would most likely not have known. The Child Enrichment Center is our chance to change the future.

We need investors to join us in building that future.

To make this dream a reality we need to raise $1.5 million. To date we have raised $400,000.

Designate your donation or commit your pledge toLower Lights Child Enrichment Center today, and become an advocate for low-income children and families. 

Give us money. 

Below you can give a one-time donation or a recurring donation to impact children in the future.

Want to do more? Make an impact by sharing this with friends, family, or employers who are passionate about children and families. 

If you are interested in volunteering at the Child Enrichment Center contact us!

2022 CEC Branding Development v2-11.png